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Shit Creek Survivor Pendant/Key Chain - Custom Made

Shit Creek Survivor Pendant/Key Chain - Custom Made

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You are a survivor, you fought the storms, the rapids and the occasional near death drowning and got your paddle back. Just like in life. I've weathered many a storm that almost killed me, mentally and emotionally, and once almost physically. I am a survivor. I'm still paddling. Some days you just feel like all you do is survive. Well this pendant lets people know you are a Shit Creek Survivor. You won your battle and got your paddle back. 

I create these pendants in Sterling Silver or Copper.  I hand draw every single one of these designs so no two are the same. They are then carefully hand cut out using a jewelers saw. The words are stamped into the metal. 

Add to your favorite chain or key chain. 

Custom Made when you order. Please allow up to 2 weeks for creation and delivery.

Every piece is created in my studio in Calhoun, Louisiana. A beautiful rural area I've called home for over ten years now. All items are handcrafted using silver and copper from USA companies, Stones from American lapidaries and inspiration from my adventures SUV/Van camping and creek exploring in the mountains of Arkansas. A truly unique wearable piece of art, from my hands to yours. 


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