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2020 was a doozy!

2020 required a lot of people to spend more time at home. Some got creative and learned new things. Some took their health up a notch and really kicked butt working out and eating healthy. Some had more time to spend with family. Some learned new recipes and cooked for shut ins.
I started working out back in June with my youngest daughter. Lost over ten pounds using the treadmill, elliptical and bike. 3 days a week. My goal was to just be able to walk/jog a mile and not dye lol. I met that goal and more. We slacked on it since before Dec due to work/car breakdown/ etc but want to get started on it again soon. I also took up sewing again thanks to my mom giving me her old sewing machine. I've made several quilts, and a lot of bowl cozies lol. (Click on photo to read more about the bowl cozies or to purchase)Truly glad to have something creative to do when it's too cold to work out in my studio.
On the days when it was warmer I have been casting a lot in sand. I've carved out some designs and will be sharing those this coming year but my biggest seller right now is my F bomb pendants/keychains. (Click on photo to purchase or read more details about those.)
Each one is individually sand cast. So fun and challenging but the end results are so worth it. 
I hope you have are doing well. I hope you found something to bring you joy during all this madness in the world. Creating with my hands is what helped me. 
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