blue topaz stone set in sterling silver ring with moon and flower accents.topaz stone, sterling silver ring, moon accent, flower accent

Lora!!!!! Pictures and words simply do not express adequately the amazingly stunning artwork you’ve created! This ring is just gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with me! - Chandra


I love the generations of love tree pendant I wear it everyday!

 ♥️ - Melissa Phelan


I own many pieces of Lora Lee's beautiful jewelry. When I owned a handmade boutique she was loved by my customers as well. You can tell she puts a lot of love into each piece.

Highly recommend! - Julie Burke


She is an extremely talented local artist! Each piece is gorgeous & I have purchased some hair sticks from her and I got them in the mail in 2 days! I love them! I will be purchasing more one of a kind products in the near future! 

- Tina Williams Chisholm


Lora Lee has the most creative mind and makes the most amazing pieces! Each one a true work of art. What she can accomplish with a jewelers saw and a few hand tools are simply amazing. I love checking out her site just to see what's new! - Teresa Truitt


I have the privilege of owning many customized Lora Lee pieces! I have a hard time picking a favorite, but 4 of them are especially dear to my heart. My feather cuff is the first piece that comes to mind. It is like wearing a work of art on my wrist. I love the weight of it, & the stunning artistic beauty of it.

The next piece that is precious to me is my beautiful momma hen & baby chicks coin necklace that has my kiddos' initials on each baby chick. Every time I wear it, my heart feels so warm. I love having a tangible reminder of my 3 kids...can't wait to add more baby chicks to it in the future.  Lora, that can be your permanent baby gift to me, LOL! My sweet sister in law told Lora that she wanted a birthday present for me, & Lora knew exactly what to make me. 
My 3rd piece, that I love so much, is a really unique bracelet out of copper & maybe aluminum? My favorite part about the bracelet is my sweet note that Lora inscribed on the back to me. Every time I wear it, I'm reminded of how dear she is to me.
I was going to stop at 3 pieces...even though I have more, but I'd be totally remiss if I didn't mention my first Lora Lee piece of beautiful flower coin ring. She made the flower from a penny & the ring from a nickel. This ring is beautiful, & is also one of the best "fidget toys" in the world. I spin the flower around over & over while I'm thinking. I truly love this piece so much.
Lora is not only a talented artist, but she is also a dear friend/sister. We became friends through homeschooling our kids & we bonded over many visits to her house. She is a joy to work with, & has much to offer with her creativity. She loves to learn, & to try new techniques & new ways to create art, so tell her your ideas, & be shocked & amazed at what she can do to make them happen.
- Dara Hall Hamm

So satisfied with everything I have ordered from Lora Lee. Love that each piece is handcrafted and truly from her heart. Can’t wait to wear my feather shaped copper cuff! - Greta Diane Sweesy


I bought my wife a gorgeous necklace, which she in turn loves and wears to many functions. While there are many reasons to purchase Lora' jewelry, my choice was twofold: Durability-it's all made to last. You won't wear it a few times and have it break. Attention To Detail: absolutely phenomenal precision and quality.   

     Buy local, Buy Lora - Richard Laban


As an artist, I am very particular about design selections and the precision of execution. Lora has mad skills in both areas. I have two large scale designs to be assembled and she is the only artist I trust with my designs. I have several pieces of her designs and I am becoming a collector. If you want work from a truly gifted artist, Lora Lee is the real deal.

- Art Slatten


A colossally gifted talent! I love each piece more than the last. A very professional person to do business with!

- Melanie Place


Purchased a jellyfish coin necklace for my daughter's birthday and it arrived when it was expected in nice packaging. She wears it every day! Thank you. 

Amy Fultz


I received my This Too Shall Pass twisted bangle and I love it! I am planning out my next design in my head already.

Amy Steinburg


I am so impressed.... 
can’t thank you enough....
Tiffany, Will & Sheila’s art piece is awesome...

Lori Ann Baham


Absolutely beautiful work. The necklace I ordered was crafted with exquisite detail and arrived quickly. Thank you! 

Nichole Holze


I love your work. There was a piece I wanted that I couldn't afford. I considered coming back over for it anyway, or asking if you'd break up the set. I bought a different set. (that I also love, lol) I always buy myself a little something from your booth. I've never once had any piece break or stone come loose. Very high quality. I love that each piece is hand hammered. It makes what I own unique. I treasure them all.

Amy Murphy


Your never going to find a more perfect item!

Lora Lee puts everything into her creations and they come out FANTASTIC.

Give her a try and you'll see what I mean.

Russell Morseman


 I have many pieces from Lora and she does beautiful work.
Buy with confidence!
Julie Burke