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Carving and Casting Axe Pendants

Carving and Casting Axe Pendants
I started out this project using a block of blue wax by Ferris®. It's great to carve into. I've never tried to carve anything like this before. Never tried any other waxes so everything about this process was new to me. I used my jewelers saw to cut out my basic shape, then used hand files to shape the axes more to the finished product.
After carving them to the desired shape and size I cast them using my sandcasting equipment from DIY Casting .
I use the jewelers saw to cut the axes apart from the base. And then use files to start cleaning up the casting. Here's a video of part of that process.
After they are cleaned up I solder a ring on the end of the handles.
Once they are cleaned up again, I tossed in my tumbler with ceramic medium and let it smooth the whole piece. I then use Liver of Sulfur to patina the pieces. I polish the axe heads back up to a shine leaving the handles dark.
I also stamp my LLA makers mark on each one.
From start to finish there are several hours of work that go into each one.
These are available to purchase in the online shop HERE.
Perfect for that outdoor lover or as I have recently learned, for the axe thrower!
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