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Copper Tree Custom Order Wall Art

This project started with a wedding invitation, the client wanted something similar made using it for design inspiration. It had a tree on it and the leaves were fleur de lis shapes. I also was given a jade carved serving tray that she wanted used for the back ground. So with this in mind I went to work. I drew out the design, sharing it back and forth with the client, working thru some modifications. We finally settled on a design and I went to work.

Jewelers saw, copper tree, design, metal art

Once I had the tree cut out, I started hammering the texture. I used a regular hammer that I had modified the head on to create a smooth line. Overlapping the hammer blows to create a beautiful texture on the whole tree.

copper, tree, hammer, anvil, metal art, artist

After it was textured I rounded the branches and edges down.

Instead of leaf shapes I used the fleur de lis shape. We did the majority in copper and 3 in sterling silver.

fleur de lis, jewelers bench, sawing metal

The three silver fleur de lis represented the Wife, Husband and Son.

fleur de lis, tree, copper, wall art

The patina turned out awesome. I got it from a company called Basic Copper. Comes in a variety of colors. Simply spray on and let it dry. Seal with clear coat of sealant.

copper, patina, fleur de lis, metal art, wall art, tree

I used Liver of Sulphur on the copper tree to give it that dark chocolate color. Then I polished up the high spots. I thought the knot hole with their last name in it was a neat sweet touch.

tree, copper, patina, fleur de lis, wall art, artist, metal

E6000 was the adhesive I used to attach the metal to the jade platter. It worked great.


The platter needed a hanger to attach to the wall so I created a copper one. The thick gauge copper wire was hammered from round to square and then using a Mapp Gas torch I twisted it for a beautiful effect. The dogwood flower was another additional touch that just seemed perfect.

The client and the couple that received it as a gift all loved the outcome. I enjoyed creating something special for their anniversary. I hope they will enjoy it for many years to come.

Thanks for reading my story. Feel free to ask any questions you might have, or if you'd like your own tree, message me for a quote.




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