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Hand Piercing Metal Earrings

Handmade may not be fast but it's because of the time and attention to detail we put into every single process to create a beautifully crafted item. Worth the wait. Quality over fast fashion. I'm for handmade and slow fashion because how it's made matters.

See a peek into just a little of the work that goes into hand piercing metal for jewelry. In this case earrings will be made out of the final cut pieces.

Steps :

  1. Get metal of choice. I am using a sheet of 20 Gauge 6"X12" copper.
  2. Print out designs on regular printer paper.
  3. Trim paper designs to allow placement close together on the metal. This lets you cut out more pieces and waste less metal.
  4. Using Elmer's Rubber Cement, put a light coat on the metal surface, set it aside. Put a light coat of cement on the back of each paper pattern. Lay them to the side, not touching. Give it about 5 mins to get tacky and then carefully place the paper designs on the metal.
  5. Using whatever divot tools you prefer, a dapping tool or a nail that has been shaped smooth. Put a little divot in each of the sections that you will be removing. The little divots help the drill bit to stay in that area.
  6. Drill holes where each divot is. I use a drill bit that is just a bit bigger than my blade. If you are removing larger areas, you can use a bigger drill bit. It is just personal preference that I'm using the small bit even in the larger areas where a bigger drill bit would work too.
  7. Once each area has been drilled, you are ready to start sawing. I am using a 3/0 Laser Gold Saw Blade in a GreenLion Saw Frame.
  8. Watch video below to see all these steps thru to finished cut piece.



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