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Healing Thru Hammering

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There is a great therapy to hammering the crap out of metal that most people never mention.
On days that I have been frustrated with life
- brokenhearted over my mother's cancer diagnosis,
- enraged about crimes against the innocent,
- aggravated with stupid ex's, etc
The hammer and anvil have been my outlet. With every hammer fall I am constructively working through my feelings and thoughts. Venting and letting go of all the things I can not change. Things I have no control over. Refocusing and in the process creating something beautiful out of it all.
Learning how to metalsmith and create using metal has given me the outlet to heal so many past and present hurts and traumas. I highly recommend to anyone that has a lot to deal with to pick up a craft that uses your hands. It is a life changer.
I do teach. I just do it on a case by case basis. If you are interested in learning, please message me and we can work it out. I have no set fees for teaching, it's all based on what you want to learn, or what you want to make. Each class is unique to the student. I'm Located in Calhoun, Louisiana. 2 hours in my shop can either inspire you to get more invested in metalsmithing or make you run for the hills lol. Come find some joy. Hammer with me. 

photo from 2016? Still hammering on this anvil. It's amazingly resilient!

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