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How I Make Copper Daffodils

Copper Daffodil
Here is the video tutorial on Instagram that I shared on how I made a copper daffodil out of reclaimed metal. Recycling is beautiful!
This IG video is longer than the video that is posted below. 
But for those of you that don't have IG you can
still see a shorter version of this process.

Using reclaimed copper gutter. I cut pieces out as I need them.

reclaimed copper gutter with flower designs drawn on them, ready to cut. copper daffodil cut out of reclaimed copper gutter with regular scissors

After it's cut I hammered the petals to give them some texture.

I used copper pipe for the raised center of the flower. copper daffodil flower

I used copper pipe to create the raised center of the daffodil flower. I used my mapp gas torch and heated the copper pipe to soften it. I used pliers to bend over a small layer of copper to create the ruffle. I also hammered the bent edge but it was pretty just by bending it over and making it wavy. The hammering just gave it a bit more texture.

Copper Daffodil FlowerCopper Daffodil

I then soldered the pipe to the flower base using medium solder. After it was together I added a stem. I sweat soldered med solder onto the flat stem area and then soldered it to the flower backing.

The stems can be as long or short as you want. It was 8 Gauge copper- you can get it by the roll at Lowe's.

I might add a patina to these or I may just leave them as they are and add to my garden, letting nature add it's own patina.

Here is a shorter video of the process if you don't have access to Instagram.

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