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I'm Back Baby!

Hey Ya'll! I'm Back. 

I know a lot of people were wondering where I disappeared too. Many didn't even notice but Thank you to the loyal ones that did. 

I closed the online shop back in Jan. After 8 months with no sales in 2021 I just didn't see the point honestly. So I closed it all. I was tired of fighting the economy to get sales. It's been a hard couple of years for everyone. I felt it too, still do.

So I closed shop and went to work with Bayou Glass Arts. Working for another jewelry company allowed me to have a regular paycheck. Something I had not had the 12 years I was building my business. That came in handy and allowed me to relax and breathe a little easier. Was able to drop the stress of worrying about making new things, posting on social media, ordering supplies, deciding what to create, etc. So I have taken this time away to refresh and renew my creative mind. Self care is more of a priority now. 

I went kayaking, camping, exploring, and backpacking with my girlfriends. I traveled back and forth visiting family. I welcomed a new grandson into the world. I have truly been doing anything I can to keep that peace of mind and spirit. It's worked. The world is still feeling like chaos but my mind is more at peace. 

I'm starting to get back in my shop and create. Not with the goal of selling in mind. But just for the joy of creating. I have been cleaning and organizing out there and it truly needed it. Finishing up projects that have sat on my workbench for a year or longer. Trashing things or melting them down that I don't like. Shining up the things I do like. 

I don't think I could ever not be creative in some way even if it's not in metal. I would have to find something to do. My hands and mind are just craving movement and the joy of creating. 

I'll be sharing my fun here, and may eventually add the online shop back once I get a good selection of items. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy seeing what comes out of the shop. 

I wish you all peace and joy! 

Lora Lee



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Glad to see this. I was looking for your stuff and couldn’t find it. I too had a rough time and have just been getting my butt in gear to do some work again. Sometimes we need a break.


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