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Making Copper Roses

I recently started making these little roses and wanted to share how I do it. I use reclaimed copper gutter for these. I use this template. I tried to find the original designer of this and could not, so if you know who it is, feel free to share! This is a great pattern. Print it out to whatever size you want. I've tried it in several different sizes.



I use rubber cement and glue my paper pattern on to the 24 gauge copper. Rose patterns glued to copper

I cut it out using a jewelers saw.

rose pattern cut out in copper

Once it is cut out. I use my cross peen hammer and hammer the outside edges of each of the petals. I anneal it with my Mapp Gas torch to soften the metal and to make it easier to work with. I then roll it up and using round nose pliers I fold the petal edges over however looks the best. The video below shows these steps. 

After I have it shaped the way I desire I soak it in vinegar to clean it up. I use a wire brush to scrub it and to make it shine.  I patina it with Liver of Sulfur. This is the final result once it is all finished. I cut out a round area with two leaves to hide the base of the rose. I use E6000 glue to put the two together. I love the end result. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I gladly share knowledge when I can. 



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This is really a great Rose… Thanks for sharing your design☺️

Barbara Bessire

Thank you so much for sharing. I originally saw your post on FB.

karen lorenz

Love this…thank you!

Barbara Hopkins

That’s beautiful thanks for sharing

Barbara Pelfrey

That’s wonderful, thank you so much for sharing :)


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