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My Creative Jewelry Style

How many of you have to "Dress Up" daily? I'll be honest, I would hate that. I am now and always been a very simple style person. I prefer t-shirts and jeans and most recently overalls and tank tops. I do have to occasionally dress up for art events and such and when I do I have the one beautiful black dress I wear for it (giggle- my hubby picked it out, he makes amazing style choices for me).
When I do shop for myself it's normally for work clothes or casual. Because so much of my day is work-related, wearing nice clothes just doesn't make sense. I'd end up with metal shavings and filings all over, or ash from annealing metal or handling recycled copper.
I'm sharing all this to explain how I create my jewelry because that is tied together for me. I create mostly simple everyday wear pieces because it fits with "my" lifestyle.
My jewelry is made to be worn more on a casual dress style. It works well with those everyday casual wear, office work or with a simple black dress for a night out. I don't create with flashy colors or stones because it's not "my" personal preference. I say all this because I want you to know that even though I don't create often outside that box, I CAN and WILL create more elaborate and upscale jewelry for anyone that requests it.
I'm sharing the photo below as an example of the more dressy jewelry I have created. This was for a more formal event, so I needed something to step it up a bit.
If you have an event coming up and want to create something special, we can do that together, with stones of your choice, and metal of your choice. Feel free to message me and we'll create something amazing together.
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