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Recycling is Beautiful


When I first started working with coin jewelry I called my business Centsations. I now just use LoraLeeArtist to cover any medium I work with. This sculpture was my Survivors Heart. I am thrilled that it now hangs in the home of an amazing woman. A survivor in her own right.  Life is beautiful. Recycling is Beautiful!

This heart is created out of an old copper gutter. I hammered that piece of gutter into a puffed up heart. Then cut it in a zig zag pattern that I laced back up with old electrical wire to create stitches. Etched copper band-aids help hold it together. The flowers on the left are each hand hammered coins and copper leaves. This is still one of my favorite sculptures. Such a story behind it. We are survivors. We were harshly used and abused and today we shine in all our glory. Survivors. We have been thru all the beatings and still shine bright. Sharing our story with the world with every smile. 

Share your story. Uplift those around you. Lift each other up. This is how you change the world. One heart at a time, starting with your own! Love yourself! Light it up!

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