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The Inspiration Behind My Tree Designs

My hubby and I met on an online dating service. We hit it off immediately, spending hours on the phone talking before we could ever meet up in person. I lived 3 hours from him. We met in Aug 2011 and I moved to Louisiana in Sept 2011. He gave me a nickel coin ring as a promise ring the day I moved in.

We just celebrated our anniversary this past June 21, Summer Solstice. We got married in our front yard under these huge Bradford Pear trees. I tell him all the time he gave me roots that day. My whole life I had moved from place to place to place, by my parents at first and then later in a previous marriage. He had lived here in Louisiana his whole life, surrounded by family. To be able to unpack and know that I didn't have to go anywhere again was the greatest thrill.

I planted my feet here in Louisiana and have created my business and this passion for metalwork because of that simple coin ring he gifted me. Those trees, unfortunately, were lost during a storm this past year but the love story continues. This is the love that I hope to share through my creations. My tree designs were created with that love in my heart, my hands, and my spirit. From my hands to yours, I cherish each piece I send out into the world.


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