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Time In Nature Inspires Me

Arkansas is so beautiful. I just recently went to Ponca area to explore with the family. We hiked the Lost Valley Trail to Eden Falls. We camped at Kacy's Landing. We got rained out and came home early but our Saturday hike was beautiful. I loved exploring the woods as a kid and that hasn't changed at all as I became an adult. Still love getting lost in those emerald green hills. Hiking those stone steps, listening to the water flow, feeling the cool mist from the waterfalls. Absolutely one of my favorite things in this crazy world. 

These trips always clear my mind allowing for new ideas and inspirations to come out of them. I'm working on a new design for my upcoming collection. As I get a little bit farther into the creation process I'll be sharing how it's made.

I hope you have a place where you can go to recharge, relax and breathe. I highly recommend the Arkansas mountains, any of them lol. 

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