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Lora Lee Artist

Axe Pendant/Key Chain - Sterling Silver

Axe Pendant/Key Chain - Sterling Silver

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Carved from a block of wax, these little hatchet/axes are one of Lora Lee's Artisan Original designs. Scroll thru the photos to see how it was made. Hours of work goes into each one. Lora Lee works with hand tools to shape and finish each one. Handmade. Slow thoughtful quality work, Because how it's made matters.

Right now there are two choices in axe shape.

Style #1 is 1.5 inches long.

Style #2 is 1.75 inches long.

Every piece is created in my studio in Calhoun, Louisiana.  A beautiful rural area I've called home for over ten years now. All items are handcrafted using silver and copper from USA companies, Stones from American lapidaries and inspiration from my adventures SUV/Van camping and creek exploring in the mountains of Arkansas. A truly unique wearable piece of art, from my hands to yours. 

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