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Lora Lee Artist

Feather Chrysocolla Copper Torque Necklace

Feather Chrysocolla Copper Torque Necklace

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Chrysocolla stone set in copper. The pendant is all hand cut using a jewelers saw. Details are engraved. The torque necklace is created by hammering round wire into a square shape. Then using a torch to heat the metal till it is super soft, you twist while it is under fire. Creating that beautiful spiral. This torque slips gently onto the neck by pulling the opening just wide enough to slip on. It has a bit of spring to it allowing it to open just enough without bending the metal out of shape. The pendant can be worn with the necklace or with out. You can also add the pendant to any chain or cording you already have for another option. 

Pendant length is 4 inches long.


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